Oct 4, 2014

hey hoo it's almost bed time

It's 11.15pm now but I still have Math to do because I suck at it so I can't sleep. Hmm mobile blogging seems to be a thing now thanks to smartphones.

I'm bored so I'm posting this.

Saturday is my favourite day. No school, no tuition. But nowadays I have to go for extra classes which suck. Let's just say I ain't the smartest kid around so yeah. (Actually it's mostly due to laziness too) Anw, I spent a miserable few hours there and it was boring but someone played a few songs like Problem and Shake it Off so I guess it's okay.

Finally got my lazy ass to watch Legend of Korra Book 4 episode 1 and damn it was awesome. Only got to see Korra around the last 5 minutes and she broke my heart wow bby lemme shield you from the world... :'(

Donten ni Warau came out. There's like 2-3 animes coming out tomorrow, too. IF SPM WASN'T AROUND THE CORNER I'D WATCH. Self-restrain, Janice. Self-restrain. No but seriously why you cockblock me from watching awesome animes!!!!

Also, let's talk about gaming. I am obsessed about news regarding to Final Fantasy XV. New info was released by the director (also a new game demo) and I am mighty impressed. Even though there's no turn based battles anymore and you can't switch characters, but I am looking forward towards the new battle system. The graphics are stunning as usual and I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME TBH. I ALSO NEED TO GET A PS4. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 AND FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 TOO.

I never played ff type-0 before on the PSP but I watched the latest HD Remastered trailer and oh my god the moment I saw/heard this blonde bishounen (the main protag, Ace) with Yuuki Kaji's voice I literally screamed because HE IS MY FAVOURITE SEIYUU and voicing some of my favourite characters like Alibaba and Eren.  The trailer and game demo was pretty sick as well so I'm looking forward to it, too. The story also seems interesting with 13 students from an elite military school fighting together and save the world and all. (Too bad I've already seen spoilers, everybody dies.) Muahaha no one reads this blog anyway so it doesn't matter if I spoiled it for you.

Yeah and Assasin's Creed Rogue, some Final Fantasy 3DS game and Pokemon ORAS are coming out on November. Argh...shut up and take my money!!!! (Passionate gaming geek ranting about stuff)

On a side note, I can feel my sanity slipping away as I do Math cuz it literally stands for Mental Abuse To Humans so yeah. As you can obviously tell, Math and Science just isn't my forte. I've always been more of the artistic person. I prefer things like music, art, history, literature. I'll never venture into any science/math related fields lmao I am a disgrace as an Asian (because I am not gonna be a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc that Asian parents would normally want their kids to become). Well not ALL Asian parents are like that and thankfully my parents let me study things I wanna study.

Have to wake up early tomorrow because tuitions... for real though, who thought it was a great idea to have tuition at 9 30am. Like Korra said, "The morning...is evil." I'm just not a morning person. You could call me at 3am and I'll probably be awake but if you call me at 8am I'll literally skin you alive. Just two more months and I can sleep like a pig!

Okay this was very random and it took me 25 minutes to type this.

30 days left.

Oct 3, 2014

woah I forgot this existed

Typing this on my phone atm. Tuition in 18 minutes so yeah. Woah tbh I thought I deleted this blog but when I checked my google+ account I was shocked that it was still there???

This blog used to be nanaseharukas but then I changed it back to morepeachsummersnow cuz despite how many blogs I deleted this name will always come back to me. It's like some sort of brand recognition lmao (it's my email acc name too)

After SPM I plan to revamp this blog and start blogging again! Read a few articles about the benefits of blogging and decided to try again. I feel like writing down my journey in life after high school. Yknow I just read my std 5-6 blog posts and honestly it was the most embarrassing thing ever is2g my grammar choices back then and the useless shit I posted.

Quick update about life: So Legend of Korra Book 4 episode 1 comes out today and I am still in denial that this is the FINAL book of Korra and Avatar as a WHOLE. Thinking way back from Avatar: The Last Airbender, I'd say we all came a long way till now. I remember when I was 9 I watched Avatar on Nickelodeon religiously. And I still do. (Watching it on nick.com now bc Nick moved Korra online) Sigh idk how am I gonna live my life after this whole series ended. I am gonna cry heaps and heaps though  . I grew up with it, this show brought so much meaning to my life, so many good memories and life lessons, and told me a legend like nobody else could. I laugh, cried and screamed for the characters and it is always fun seeing the fandom aka Korra Nation as a whole going bonkers over new episodes every week on Tumblr. Avatar will forever have a special place in my heart.

Okay, enough with the the sentimental talk.

And did you know that Super Smash Bros came out on the 3DS today goddammit I wanna play but SPM. (GODDAMMIT SPM)

31 days left to SPM and I'm dying.



Nov 27, 2013

woah holy shit

I haven't update for almost 3 months! Dang, time flies so fast. A lot has changed since 3 months and I am now enjoying (well not really) my holidays before I go back to hell aka school.

Anws I'm not really online nowdays cause I just got a new game, RUNE FACTORY 4! It is an awesome game dude, awesomeeeeeeee.

Honestly, I don't look forward to next year. SPM year. Dammit...gotta work hard and not slack off or else...NO GAMES FOR ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. (wow talk about motivation)

BUT I also can't wait to go college after I graduate yay on my way to becoming an aspiring young adult lol

It has been animes, tumblr, gaming, tuitions (blergh) all day month~ kinda sucks cause I didn't really go anywhere.

Been watching Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, omg its so sweet and funny. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS COMEDY-ROMANCE ANIME. HARU IS SO HOT. 

recap of what has happened during november:

  • I got a new Nintendo 2DS
  • My grandmother came so I don't have to starve
  • I got a few new games like Pokemon X and RF4
  • LOK Book 2 Finale: awesome
  • more animes!!!!!!!!
  • Singapore relatives came and bought me chocolate cake
  • I had this shitty eye infection goddammit it was the worse
  • I guess I cleaned my room? 

I told you I haven't done anything ~productive~.
blog soon, bye.

Sep 1, 2013

messed up post

I really hate myself for being so fickle-minded, delete blogs after blogs omfg, I promise this is the last one though cause I put a lot of effort!
really love my new blogspot layout, I also changed my tumblr blogs' layout. c:
it took way too much time tbh, but the end results are worth it~
I really worship tumblr theme makers now like how do you deal with this piece of shit that is called HTML codes???

ughhh wanted to change mouse cursor to but it doesn't work no matter how I try goddamit I'm so pissed.

current emotion atm

blogspot is the best among all after all.
gahhh I wasted the whole night doing this basically, what a waste of time. I suck at HTML codes. I'm a failure orz.

okay its 1st of September now which means 12 more days to The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits kasjdlkasjd AFTER WAITING SINCE JULY 2012 IT HAS FINALLY COME BACK ONCE MORE.
also, things I hope to achieve this month: nothing bc expect the unexpected bitches

I also have this sudden urge to spam pixel art. They're just too cute!

this is a very jumbled up post of my current thoughts idek what am I typing.
dang it, actually september isn't really a month to look forward to except for my shows like um finals are coming??? Yikes. I sincerely can't wait for November. Time to rot away at home!

my english and grammer and whatever cannot function gomen (_ _)
okay it's 1am plus so good night sweet dreams <3